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Clear Stream Avenue School 

60 Clear Stream Ave., Valley Stream, NY 11580

(516) 434-3550

John Singleton, Jr., Principal

Yannie Chon, Assistant Principal


Clear Stream Reopening Procedures


school photoThe elementary school serving the center of Valley Stream Union Free School District 30 is Clear Stream Avenue School. Clear Stream Avenue School is dedicated to educating all students to their fullest potential. We encourage our students to become active, culturally responsive, respectful, lifelong learners, who will show ownership for their own academic, social and emotional learning. Our staff is trained to challenge our students to be creative and motivated learners so they can address the many challenges in the 21st century, both within Valley Stream and globally. This is accomplished through a comprehensive program, which integrates technology to support a strong education in English Language Arts, mathematics, social studies, science, the arts, and health and wellness including social and emotional learning. Clear Stream offers all students the opportunity to grow as digital citizens by developing information, media, and technology skills. 

As we are meeting the criteria for our mission and vision, realization of it is ongoing while we continue to align the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards, implement S.T.E.A.M. project based assignments, and manage emotional intelligence to build young leaders. Ultimately, our goal is that your child will reach proficiency in their academic, social and emotional lives. 

Our building houses grades K through 6 and a full complement of educational services are available to meet the needs of all learners throughout the school year. We also take pride in the diversity and cultures in our surrounding community as we connect with parents and their children to create an inclusive environment. Our philosophy views the students, faculty, parents, and community members as one community striving to learn from one another and growing through each other’s cultures together. 

Clear Stream and Valley Stream District 30 have fully aligned its ELA and Math curriculum to the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards. These new standards provide clear and consistent learning goals to help students become college and career ready. Although our students are in their formative years, it is essential that our curriculum provide rich opportunities for our children to maximize their development. The standards demonstrate what students are expected to learn at each grade level and how learning can be supported using rigorous content and the application of higher-order thinking skills. As a result, the shifts in the framework of how ELA and Math instruction occurs now incorporates building upon prior concepts, reading a balance of informational and literary texts, understanding complex vocabulary, developing speed and accuracy and applying knowledge to real life situations. Supports are in place to ensure that all students, including those with special needs and English as New Language learners, can master the standards. Through the implementation of New York State Next Generation Learning Standards, teachers at Clear Stream are raising the bar, while simultaneously providing an equitable playing field for all students.

While there is an emphasis on ELA and Math, Clear Stream has a rich S.T.E.A.M. curriculum. We prefer to call it our “S.T.R.E.A.M.” curriculum. It can be said that Clear S.T.R.E.A.M stands for Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, and Math. Each of these disciplines are integrated through reading, experimentation, creativity and project based learning opportunities. Clear Stream Avenue School has a fully functional computer lab with access to the Internet, programs that provide multimedia-rich activities, and various electronic devices to conduct research and presentations. We believe that in order to prepare our students for the future, they must be computer literate and comfortable with all forms of technology, which is why teachers actively integrate technology, reading and writing into daily S.T.R.E.A.M. learning experiences. Currently we are a 1:1 digital device learning institution. Technology and learning experiences are aligned to 21st century skills that promote success in today’s global society. Students are required to exhibit mastery of problem solving, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration by demonstrating these skills through presentations, project based learning activities, iPad applications, video public service announcements and argumentative discourse.  Our science program enables students to explore these skills in an environment that encourages discovery. Art projects that are aligned in history and literature give students a creative perspective about the world around them. We are also vested in teaching students engineering and math. We offer Lego Robotics, Game Builders, Math Olympiads and have partnered with the Long Island Aviation Museum to bring mathematical and engineering opportunities to our classrooms. Through curriculum, special enrichment and rigorous instruction, Clear Stream is preparing our students to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Clear Stream Avenue School has wide array of special classes as well. Our physical education program helps students learn to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Our librarian exposes our students to various literary genres, encourages a passion for reading and prepares our students for the rigors of research and discovery.  Additionally our Maker Space, which is located in the library, provides the perfect opportunity for our students to express their creativity. Our art program enriches the lives of our students by introducing them to a variety of artists, materials, and techniques. Art also is aligned with National Core Art Standards and incorporates various forms of technology, including 3D printer and iPad video art.  We have a thriving music department which houses our band, chorus and orchestra. The students enjoy meaningful musical experiences that have exposed them to Jazz, Hip Hop and modern digital music sampling. Students who participate in our instrumental music program, which begins with recorder in third grade and builds to string, brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments in the 4th grade, have received several accolades through the New York State School Music Association.  Our chorus has also performed at schoolwide concerts, community functions and at the Empire State Building during the holiday season. All of our students grow to learn the joy of making music for themselves and sharing it with others.

Finally, the Clear Stream Avenue School community has implemented a proactive Emotional Intelligence program which supports students socially and emotionally. Students are asked to identify their mood as they go through emotional changes. This helps students stay balanced and focused throughout the day. It is also instrumental in preventing behavioral incidents and stabilizing emotional challenges. 

Through Curriculum, Learning, Enrichment And Relationships it is CLEAR that our students will strive to reach proficiency in their academic, social and emotional lives in order for them to meet and exceed the challenges of the 21st century.

Clear Stream Avenue News

Valley Stream District 30 partners with Town of Hempstead to have L.E.D stop signs installed

forestroadstopsigns thumbnail249790
Valley Stream District 30 partnered with Town of Hempstead Supervisor Don Clavin to have new L.E.D stop signs placed at the corner of Forest Road and Brook Road.

“Thank you to the administrators and Student Council representatives who joined us for the installation,” Clavin said. “It's always great meeting the future leaders of our community!”

The installations were part of the Town of Hempstead’s back to school safety initiative and included the efforts of Councilwoman Melissa Miller and the Mill Brook Civic Association as well.

Superintendent of Schools for Valley Stream District 30, Dr. Roxanne Garcia-France was thankful for the arrival of the new signs. "Our student homes are two miles away from their schools, making it a walking district. We rely on our partnerships with the Nassau County Police Department, the Town of Hempstead, and local entities such as the Mill Brook Civic Association to ensure the safety of our Global Leaders of Tomorrow. I look forward to working with the Town in continuing this safety initiative in our other schools.”

Valley Stream District 30 Celebrates Community Eligibility Provision Approval

CEP_Approval_(1).jpg thumbnail249745
Valley Stream School District 30 is thrilled to announce that it has been granted approval for the Community Eligibility Provision by the United States Department of Agriculture. This represents a significant step forward in its ongoing efforts to provide nutritious breakfast and lunch to all students while simplifying the process for families.

The CEP is a federal program that allows eligible school districts to offer free meals to all enrolled students, regardless of their individual family income. This initiative not only ensures that no child goes hungry during the school day but also reduces administrative burdens on families by eliminating the need for household meal applications. With CEP approval, there is no longer a need for families to complete complex meal applications, streamlining the process and reducing paperwork for parents and guardians. CEP provides that all students receive meals without singling out those who may qualify for free or reduced price meals, reducing the stigma and promoting a sense of inclusivity.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Roxanne Garcia-France expressed gratitude for the CEP approval and highlighted its significance. "We believe that no child should ever go hungry while at school, and the Community Eligibility Provision helps us achieve this important goal,” Dr. Garcia-France said. “Special thanks to Assemblywoman Michelle Solages her partnership and advocacy as well as Assistant Superintendent for Business and Human Resources Marcela Moran and Assistant Business Manager Ashley Starna for their passionate efforts during the certification process to ensure our Global Leaders of Tomorrow are well-nourished, ready to learn, and can focus on their education."

More information can be found here:

Valley Stream 30 Board of Education Recognizes GATE and ABCD Award Winners

DSC_0519new.JPG thumbnail249712
Valley Stream District 30’s Board of Education recognized GATE recipients and ABCD Award winners at the Sept. 18 business meeting held at Shaw Avenue Elementary School. GATE recipients included faculty members Sharon Benyaminy, Lisa Freisem, Kathleen Merkle and Regina Tyler as well as educational office personnel Regina Maloney, Chelsea Mangual, Shana Raggio and Hayley Sigel.

The receiving of GATE is a significant milestone in an educator’s career. It signifies Valley Stream District 30’s recognition of educators who have demonstrated their unwavering dedication, commitment, expertise and invaluable contributions to realizing the mission as they relentlessly pursue achieving the district’s vision of educating, inspiring, and celebrating the children to reach their fullest potential to become Global Leaders of Tomorrow.

The ABCD Award recipients were Roslyn Odwin and Alexsandria Conway for going above and beyond the call of duty by prioritizing safety while showing compassion for the district’s Global Leaders of tomorrow.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Roxanne Garcia-France expressed gratitude on behalf of the entire board, “We are so lucky to have staff that truly care for the well-being and futures of our students,” Dr. Garcia-France said. “Their dedication and willingness to go above and beyond to ignite passion in our children for learning is a something we are all extremely proud of.”

Valley Stream District 30 Celebrates 100th Anniversary

100chorus thumbnail249296
100hug thumbnail249297
100CSfront thumbnail249298

On Sept. 6, Valley Stream District 30’s current and former school administrators, students, principals and teachers celebrated the district and Clear Stream Avenue School’s 100th year anniversary. On the school’s front steps, the sixth grade chorus, led by music teacher Stephanie Cooke, opened the ceremony with the Pledge of Allegiance and national anthem.

“The excellence that is provided to our students over the 100 years has been surpassed by none,” said Clear Stream Avenue Principal John Singleton. “We are so fortunate that we provide our love and our support to so many children in this community.”

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Roxanne Garcia-France remarked on how much has changed over the years but still remain the same. “When we began in 1923, this wonderful array of diversity did not exist,” she said. “What did exist was the desire and drive for excellence. And so, here we stand in 2023 and we still hold true to that value of ensuring that we maintain, sustain and innovate for excellence so that all of you who are standing before us today will be global leaders of tomorrow.”

Board of Education President Kelly Ureña offered remarks as well. “I am humbled and honored to be here today celebrating with you. The school board is proud of each of you, and all the stakeholders throughout the community that continue to be part of our family. Congratulations and happy 100.”

Former Clear Stream Principal Bob Cohen also addressed the attendees. “Clear Stream’s impact reverberates far beyond its walls, it is woven into the very fabric of the Valley Stream community.”

Assemblywoman Michaelle C. Solages honored the district and Clear Stream Avenue School with a proclamation tributing the exemplary service they have provided the community.

The celebration concluded with the students showing their love for their school by circling the building with hands held and giving it a big hug.

Date Added: 9/8/2023

Valley Stream 30 Welcomes Newest Educators

NewTeacherOrientation thumbnail249186

Valley Stream District 30 welcomed its newest educators during its new teacher orientation from Aug. 28–29. Attendees were welcomed by Superintendent of Schools Dr. Roxanne Garcia-France before being taken through the agenda aimed at familiarizing them with the district and its goals and mission of igniting passion with students to become active, culturally responsive, resilient, respectful lifelong learners who show ownership of their academic, social and emotional well-being.

The new teachers were addressed by Assistant Superintendent for Business and Human Resources Marcela Moran, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Jennifer Lewner and Director of Technology and 21st Century Learning Keri Crocco covering Humans Resources, Curriculum and Technology, respectively. Lewner, along with Shaw Principal Erin Malone and Clear Stream Principal John Singleton also spoke about what the new teachers can expect during the first weeks of school. They attended grade specific workshops and were given a schedule for ongoing professional development during the school year.

Valley Stream District 30 offers a friendly welcome to its newest teachers who will help inspire their Global Leaders of Tomorrow:

Chelsea Chizever, Forest Road
Jessica Christie, Forest Road
Erin Curley, Clear Stream Avenue
Shanelle Haynes, Shaw Avenue
Taylor Milata, Shaw Avenue
Mardi Sansone, Shaw Avenue
Christine Savarese, Shaw Avenue
Tiffany Steele, Shaw Avenue
Jamie-Lea Peyer, Shaw Avenue
Kristina Leone, Forest Road
Ansoiya Maraj, Forest Road

Date Added: 9/6/2023

Welcome Back Valley Stream 30!

DSC_0232.JPG thumbnail249121
DSC_0260.JPG thumbnail249122
DSC_0280.JPG thumbnail249123

What an amazing first day for Valley Stream 30’s Global Leaders of Tomorrow! Welcome Back! Have a great year!


Date Added: 9/3/2023

Valley Stream 30 students are educationally enriched for the summer

Valley Stream 30 students thumbnail248910
Valley Stream 30 students thumbnail248911
Valley Stream 30 students thumbnail248912
Valley Stream 30 students thumbnail248913
Valley Stream 30 students thumbnail248914

The fun only stops once summer wraps up in Valley Stream District 30’s Summer Enrichment program, which helps students’ minds stay active between school years.

Five days a week, Global Leaders of Tomorrow in the Summer Enrichment program have been gathering at Clear Stream Avenue School to participate in highly engaging educational activities. A highlight for students is Edible Science instructed by third grade teacher Jessica Price, which involved utilizing their science skills to make new creations out of edible materials. PlayPattern hosts sessions focused on athletics and STEM topics, while perfect yoga poses are practiced in activities hosted by Fuel the Soul.

Inside the library, students enjoyed Lego Robotics by assembling robots and coding different tasks. Under the guidance of teachers Timothy Rau, Beatrice Bruno and Darcel Franks, students’ robot creations faced-off to see which can most efficiently complete their assigned challenges. Additionally, Yes Girls Create showed young girls the importance of being a leader and having a voice.

Date Added: 8/15/2023

Valley Stream 30 hosts informational community fair

Students and faculty thumbnail248847
Various community organizations attended Valley Stream 30’s Community Fair on Aug. 5, including Yes Girls Create, which empowers young women to express their creativity.
Faculty thumbnail248848
Superintendent of Schools Dr. Roxanne Garcia-France greeted guests from Smart Start to College
Students and faculty thumbnail248849
District staff showed off some of the exciting tools used in programs and clubs.
Students and faculty thumbnail248850
Shaw Avenue merchandise was available to purchase from PTA members
Students and faculty thumbnail248851
The Forest Road PTA also attended to offer goods.
Numerous community organizations gathered for a warm, sunny day on Aug. 5 at Clear Stream Avenue as they shared information on their vast educational benefits.
The district’s first community fair was a great way to discover the many connections available within the Valley Stream community. From the district, staff shared exciting pre-kindergarten initiatives and various programs focused on 21st-century learning, such as the Drone Club. Members of the PTA also sold merchandise from their respective schools. Students visited booths to enjoy fun activities from community organizations that included PlayPattern, Yes Girls Create, the YMCA, Smart Start to College and Bethlehem Support Groups. Representatives of the Nassau County Board of Elections were on hand as well to show students how to fill out an election ballot.

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