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Forest Road School

16 Forest Rd., Valley Stream, NY 11581

(516) 434-3800

Dr. Alison Bruno, Principal
Dara Haynesworth, Assistant Principal 

Principal’s Message

Dear Forest Road Families, 

Welcome to the Forest Road School for 2023-2024! I am honored to be joining the Forest Road community this year.  From the time I’ve spent in Valley Stream District 30, it has been evident to me that this community has a strong partnership between all stakeholders, and I am thrilled to start a wonderful new school year, so students are encouraged to “Dream, Believe and Achieve”.  

Our centrally-located beautiful community of the Mill Brook in Valley Stream services students in Pre-K through Grade 6, and we are also currently home to the district’s self-contained special education programs. We offer a rigorous Next Generation aligned curriculum with a focus on differentiated instruction, support, and enrichment opportunities.  Our staff works diligently to ensure each student receives a quality education with priorities focused on individual growth, social-emotional development, and safety.

Forest Road has enjoyed being at the center of such a wonderful community since 1953. Our children walk to school and families have the opportunity for daily interaction with our teaching staff. Our community is diverse and rich with neighbors from many different cultures working alongside each other for the benefit of all of our children. Cultural “literacy” is not only celebrated but entrenched in our school traditions as we strive to prepare the students for success in a global world. Forest Road is proud of our many accomplishments which include a vibrant school community, strong proficiency rates on NYS assessments, inquiry-based programming, and interactive learning experiences for our children. There is a focus on technology use and enhancement, project-based learning, real world application of skills and personal goal setting.

Our school fosters a sense of belonging with our families and we are fortunate to have an active and involved parent base. Our PTA sponsors assemblies and events for our students which support our curriculum and our district promotes a focus on both the Fine and Performing Arts. We host a large variety of before and after school clubs targeting academic development and interest-based activities. During the school day our children and staff are supported by an outstanding group of classroom teachers and specialists in the areas of Reading, Math, ESL, Speech and Language, Enrichment/Quest and Special Education. Our Library and Computer Lab are available to the children on a consistent basis and there are numerous opportunities to explore, research, and analyze information. Our classes have access to a laptop cart and the majority of our classes have ipads currently in their rooms for daily use by students. We maintain an emphasis on Physical Education and over wellness, as well as providing instruction in both Music and Art. Additionally, we do have performance opportunities for students in grades 5-6 with regard to Chorus, Band, and Instruments.

At Forest Road your child is our priority. We strive to be partners with our families and share a common belief that all students can, and will learn. We value the contributions and ideas shared by our stakeholders and maintain a focus on solution-oriented discussions. It is expected that you will be an advocate for your child and help us to design a successful learning path while they are in our care. Communication and collaboration are the keys to success, so we look forward to working together to make Forest Road a special place for all students to learn and grow.

Best Regards,

Dr. Alison Bruno



Forest Road News

Valley Stream 30 Celebrates 100th Graduating Class of 2024 with Inspiring Ceremonies

cs thumbnail260187
Congratulations Clear Stream Graduates!
sh thumbnail260188
Congratulations Shaw Avenue Graduates!
fr thumbnail260189
Congratulations Forest Road Graduates!
The Valley Stream District 30’s Class of 2024, comprised of students from Clear Stream Avenue, Forest Road, and Shaw Avenue schools, celebrated their graduation from June 18-24 during beautiful ceremonies. This year marked the 100th graduating class of Clear Stream Avenue, culminating the 100th anniversary of the district. Sixth graders confidently crossed the stage to receive their diplomas, ready to take their next steps toward becoming Global Leaders of Tomorrow.

Graduates impressed audiences with various musical performances, including “Discovery” by Clear Stream students, “Count on Me” by Shaw Avenue students and “Best Day of My Life” by Forest Road students.

During Clear Stream’s ceremony, Principal John Singleton told attendees that on that very night 100 years ago, the district was voted into existence. “A hundred years ago, the energy that was in that boardroom is in this room again tonight!” he said. “It’s so important that you take the energy that you have in you and discover what purpose that energy has.” Graduates Siraat Fatima and Lauren Mateo addressed their peers. “Always remember, you don’t need to be an A+ student. All you need to do is show up to school, be consistent and be true to yourself,” Mateo said. “Whatever your GPS means for you, use it for guidance and make positive decisions as you navigate life’s challenges,” Fatima added.

Shaw Avenue sixth grader Zulaisa Haq greeted guests and addressed her peers. “As we move on to bigger and better chapters, let’s always keep our memories of Shaw Avenue School alive,” she said. “Remember, you can take the kid out of Shaw, but you can’t take the Shaw out of the kid.” Principal Erin Malone thanked everyone in attendance and all who made the night possible before addressing the graduates. “You are incredible human beings who can make great things happen for yourself and for others just by choosing to be your best self.”

Forest Road Principal Marisela Sanchez said to her graduating class, “Continue to work hard and chase your dreams. Don’t just aspire to make a life, aspire to make a difference,” she said. Before instructing her fellow graduates to move their tassels, Aminata Ba offered inspiring words. “May we always be the neon amongst the crowd of gray, be unique, be different, be yourself!

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Roxanne Garcia-France spoke to each graduating class about their new journeys ahead. “Don’t be afraid to reach out and form genuine connections with your peers as you navigate this new social landscape,” Dr. Garcia-France said. “Practice active listening, empathy toward others, and handling conflicts peacefully. With the unwavering support of your school, friends and community, you are destined to become Global Leaders of Tomorrow.”

Board of Education trustees also offered congratulatory comments and then along with Dr. Garcia-France issued smiling graduates their diplomas before they recessed out of the auditorium toward their bright future.

*Please check the district facebook page for more photos.

Date Added: 6/28/2024

Forest Road’s Lego Robotics Night Unites District Schools in STEM Celebration

lego thumbnail259576
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lego thumbnail259578
Forest Road Elementary School teacher Tim Rau led a districtwide Lego Robotics Night in May, bringing together sister elementary schools Shaw Avenue and Clear Stream Avenue. This exciting event showcased the impressive work of the young engineers, fostering a shared enthusiasm for robotics and technology.

The Lego Robotics Night provided families and students the unique opportunity to partner with the Forest Road Robotics team. Attendees were treated to a display of imaginative and innovative projects, highlighting the creativity and technical skills of the budding engineers.

By promoting collaboration and community involvement through STEM initiatives, the event successfully nurtured an interest in engineering. Parents and children engaged in stimulating STEM activities, enjoying an educational experience together. The evening's success established connections between schools and fostered mutual enthusiasm for robotics and technology.

"We are thrilled with the turnout and the excitement this event generated," Rau said. "It's wonderful to see families and students from different schools come together to celebrate and explore the world of engineering."

The Valley Stream 30 School District extends a heartfelt thank you to all the families, students, and its dedicated team leader, Mr. Rau, for making this event a memorable and enriching experience. The event was a testament to the district’s commitment to cultivating the Global Leaders of Tomorrow by inspiring curiosity, creativity and collaboration in STEM fields.
Date Added: 6/12/2024