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Valley Stream District 30 Celebrates Achievements During Board of Education Meeting

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On June 10, the Valley Stream District 30 Board of Education convened to address key agenda items and celebrate the achievements and contributions of distinguished members of its educational community. The meeting was marked by several important recognitions, recommendations and appointments.

The GATE process is a unique districtwide initiative designed to evaluate a teacher’s progress and reward outstanding educators with the opportunity to move to the next salary range. This meeting celebrated the progress of four educators:

• Ceji Bridges
• Gina Giovanelli
• Mary Hutchinson
• Valerie Miranda

Also honored, were the careers and contributions of three esteemed educators who are retiring after many years of dedicated service:

• Susan Calvo
• Ellyn Fitzgerald
• Charlene Sutton

“Their tireless dedication and impact on the lives of countless students and colleagues will be remembered and cherished. We extend our heartfelt gratitude and best wishes for a fulfilling and joyous retirement.,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Roxanne-Garcia France. 

Date Added: 6/20/2024

Forest Road’s Lego Robotics Night Unites District Schools in STEM Celebration

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Forest Road Elementary School teacher Tim Rau led a districtwide Lego Robotics Night in May, bringing together sister elementary schools Shaw Avenue and Clear Stream Avenue. This exciting event showcased the impressive work of the young engineers, fostering a shared enthusiasm for robotics and technology.

The Lego Robotics Night provided families and students the unique opportunity to partner with the Forest Road Robotics team. Attendees were treated to a display of imaginative and innovative projects, highlighting the creativity and technical skills of the budding engineers.

By promoting collaboration and community involvement through STEM initiatives, the event successfully nurtured an interest in engineering. Parents and children engaged in stimulating STEM activities, enjoying an educational experience together. The evening's success established connections between schools and fostered mutual enthusiasm for robotics and technology.

"We are thrilled with the turnout and the excitement this event generated," Rau said. "It's wonderful to see families and students from different schools come together to celebrate and explore the world of engineering."

The Valley Stream 30 School District extends a heartfelt thank you to all the families, students, and its dedicated team leader, Mr. Rau, for making this event a memorable and enriching experience. The event was a testament to the district’s commitment to cultivating the Global Leaders of Tomorrow by inspiring curiosity, creativity and collaboration in STEM fields.
Date Added: 6/12/2024

Shaw Avenue Elementary School Spring concert showcases young talent

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On June 6, Shaw Avenue Elementary School held its annual spring concert, featuring the fourth grade band, chorus and orchestra. Directed by Mr. Kalinowski, Mrs. Gorey, Ms. Graves and Mrs. Fischer, the students performed beautifully, delighting the audience with their musical skills.

The event also highlighted the contributions of the Global Leaders of Tomorrow, showcasing their dedication and leadership within the school community.

Date Added: 6/11/2024

Valley Stream District 30 recognizes staff at board meeting

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The Valley Stream District 30 Board of Education meeting on May 20 was marked by significant achievements and celebratory moments. The evening began with a delightful performance by the Shaw Avenue Jazz Band, led by music teacher Brian Kalinowski, setting an inspiring tone for the meeting.
The board was pleased to grant tenure to three exceptional educators, recognizing their dedication and contributions to the schools:
• Maureen Carrano, reading specialist, Clear Stream Avenue Elementary
• Lauren Langtry, reading specialist, Shaw Avenue Elementary
• Naomi Yochai, kindergarten teacher, Forest Road Elementary
These educators have demonstrated outstanding commitment to their students and have made significant strides in enhancing the educational experience at their respective schools.
The GATE process is a unique districtwide initiative designed to evaluate a teacher’s progress and reward outstanding educators with the opportunity to move to the next salary range. This meeting celebrated the progress of two more educators:
• Ilissa Epstein, Quest/Enrichment teacher
• Darlene Sinclair, third grade teacher, Shaw Avenue Elementary
Their dedication to fostering an enriching learning environment has been acknowledged through this advancement.
The board also confirmed the permanent appointment of Michael Deluca as the director of facilities & operations. Michael's commitment to maintaining and improving the district's facilities ensures a safe and conducive learning environment for all students.
The achievements highlighted at the meeting underscore Valley Stream District 30’s dedication to nurturing the Global Leaders of Tomorrow. By supporting educators and staff, the district ensures that students are well-equipped to meet the challenges of the future with confidence and competence.
"Our educators and staff are the cornerstone of our success in Valley Stream District 30,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Roxanne Garcia-France said. “Their dedication, passion and excellence in teaching inspire our students to reach their highest potential. Through the GATE process and other initiatives, we are committed to fostering an environment where both educators and students can thrive as Global Leaders of Tomorrow."
Date Added: 6/3/2024

Forest Road kindergartners host heartwarming Special Person’s Tea

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Earlier this May, the kindergartners at Forest Road School hosted a delightful Special Person’s Tea Party, creating an unforgettable experience for their cherished guests. The young students transformed their classrooms into beautiful, flower-themed cafe complete with small, intimate tables for their special attendees.

Upon entering the party, guests were greeted with a serenade by the kindergartners and received hand-made flower corsages crafted by their young hosts. Throughout the afternoon, each special guest was treated to delicious treats and sweet tea served by the enthusiastic students.

The celebration included creative activities such as making framed handprint hearts and self-portrait puzzles, providing a memorable keepsake of the day. Before concluding the event, children and guests enjoyed a lively photo booth session, donning silly hats, glasses, scarves, necklaces and fun signs, adding a touch of whimsy to the joyous occasion.

All attendees agreed that the Forest Road Special Person’s Tea was a tremendous success, leaving everyone with cherished memories of a wonderful afternoon.

Date Added: 5/28/2024