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Clear Stream Avenue News

Love of Science Helps Student Find His Voice

Photo of Matthew James and Monet Springer thumbnail161909
Matthew James, a student from Clear Stream Avenue School let his curiosity run wild, resulting in a new science experiment for his fifth grade class. Matthew decided that he wanted a pet beetle and conducted research at home on how darkling beetles are formed. After learning about their metamorphosis journey, Matthew tried the experiment at home and was eager to share his findings with his fifth grade teacher Monet Springer.

“I was so proud of him,” said Mrs. Springer. “He is not an outspoken student, but he came to me and asked if he could do this science project with the class.”

This school year, Valley Stream District 30 is encouraging students to find their voice in many different ways through the theme “Lift Every Voice.” Matthew did just that. With Mrs. Springer’s approval, he prepared a PowerPoint presentation entitled “The Life Cycle of a Darkling Beetle.” He shared the stages that beetles go through and allowed the class to ask him questions. Afterwards, Matthew provided each student in his class with a cup of supplies to grow their own darkling beetle. Although still in the early stages, the class has started to monitor their own insect’s progress from egg to larva to pupa to darkling beetle. 

Matthew decided to share his love of science with a third grade class as well. He presented on the darkling beetle and brought his experiment into their classroom. The third graders asked him many questions and were eager to develop their own beetles. 

“I hope that they learned responsibility when taking care of it and that they were inspired by it,” said Matthew.

The passionate fifth grader hopes to continue his love for science as a biologist in the future or a robotic scientist.  

Students Honor Dr. King’s Legacy

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In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, a group of sixth graders from Clear Stream Avenue School performed a short play entitled “We Shall Overcome” for students in grades 4-6 on Jan. 22. The play, written by Mack Lewis, spotlighted the Birmingham Children’s Crusade of 1963 and featured Dr. King, played by Clear Stream Avenue sixth grader Mishal Jabed.
Clear Stream Avenue Principal John Singleton provided some background for the audience before the performance began. He told the students that during the Civil Rights Movement there were marches run by students their age who felt that it was imperative for them to march so that they could have freedom and the same rights as everyone else. The casting for the play was done with purpose, having a female take on the important role of Dr. King.
“For this particular play we decided to have a young lady from Pakistan play Dr. Martin Luther King,” said Mr. Singleton. “Our belief is that Dr. King’s message is universal, and his dream should apply to all people and all cultures. We’re hoping that her portrayal of Dr. King inspires students today.”
In addition to playing Dr. King, sixth graders were casted as students, marchers, police, firefighters, reverends, reporters and a teacher. They painted the scene of Birmingham in 1963 when Dr. King encouraged students to go out and march to end segregation. Throughout the play, audience members learned that children who participated in these non-violent marches were jailed and even hit with fire hoses. The sixth graders marched with signs while singing “We Shall Overcome,” not letting anything or anyone stand in their way of freedom.
Jennifer Lewner, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nicholas Stirling attended the play and applauded the sixth grade performers on a job well done.
“This year in the school district our theme is ‘Lift Every Voice’ and especially around this holiday it’s a reminder that each one of your voices counts,” he told students. “Use your voice to make a difference, use your voice to help others and use your voice to make the world a better place because you can.” 

String Students Selected for LISFA Music Festival

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Six outstanding string musicians from Valley Stream District 30 will perform at the Long Island String Festival Association’s Nassau intermediate festival on March 8 at Uniondale High School. During the festival, the student-musicians will join other top music students from throughout Nassau County.
The district congratulates the following festival participants: Clear Stream Avenue fifth grader Mia Perez and sixth grader Alyssa Singh, Forest Road fifth grader Metehan Yilmaz and sixth grader Isabella Domrosky and Shaw Avenue fifth grader Kayla Harper and sixth grader Hallie Reid. 

Students Head to All-County Music Festival

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Twenty talented student-musicians from Valley Stream District 30 will perform in the Nassau Music Educators Association’s All-County Music Festival this month at the Tilles Center for the Performing Arts. Students were chosen based on their individual New York State School Music Association evaluation scores and teacher recommendations.

The district congratulates the following All-County participants:  

Clear Stream Avenue School: 
Robert Santos Hernandez
Kai Moy
Matthew Pico
Alishba Chaudhry
Marian Cao
Alanna Bolden

Forest Road School:  
Calvin Lee
Sudan Belnavis
Brandon Goulbourne
Isabella Dombrosky
Sanaa Desvarieux
Jaida Greigg
Maya VanDijk

Shaw Avenue School: 
Jessica Tramontano
Yuvraj Singh
Alyssa Haughton
Hallie Reid
Kamahra Jolly
Isaiah Smith Jr.
Alana Perez

Clear Stream Avenue Chorus Helps District Close Out 2019

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The Valley Stream District 30 Board of Education held its final meeting of the year on Dec. 16. At the start of the meeting, students, families, community members and administrators gathered in the Shaw Avenue Elementary School library for a musical performance from Clear Stream Avenue chorus students. 

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nicholas Stirling introduced Clear Stream Avenue chorus teacher Stephanie Cooke and welcomed the students to the board meeting. 

“This evening is another opportunity to showcase the wonderful work that is going on in the district as it relates to music,” said Dr. Stirling. “Boys and girls, it is a pleasure to have you all here. I know you are going to do an outstanding job.” 

The students dressed in holiday attire as they proudly performed two songs for the board and District 30 community. Together, the group sang “A Perfect Winter Day” and “A New Year’s Wish.” They received a well-deserved round of applause at the conclusion of their performance.