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Forest Road Elementary School Students Say, ‘Yes, I Can’

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Several special education students at Forest Road Elementary School in the Valley Stream District 30 recently participated in the Yes, I Can ceremony, aimed at showing students they can overcome any challenge they may face.

The Yes, I Can ceremony was created to remind students that if they set goals and push themselves, they are open to a world of possibilities where they can find the support they need to achieve their goals. When students say, “Yes, I can,” they are also saying, “The road may not be easy, but I will prevail.”

The Yes, I Can ceremony allowed students to share their academic and social-emotional achievements throughout the year to guests. Each student was able to share a major goal they worked on, their steps to success and the growth mindset attitude it took for them to be successful this year.

“I am so proud of all the students this year who participated in the Yes, I Can ceremony,” said special education teacher Gabriella Cunzo. “Without the students, this work would not be possible. I am overjoyed with the amount of hard work that these students have done this year. Each student learned to approach challenges with an ‘I Can’ attitude, and they continued to persevere – that is all any teacher could ever ask for.”

Date Added: 6/20/2022