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Grade 2-3 Social Studies

Washington, DC 
Washington, DC/ The Capitol- Good pictures of buildings, good links to topics connected with the Capitol.

Theme Culture & Empathy Activity Reading
Standard 5 Theme Nation state civic values, Government  Activity Make a chart... How does government affect me? Allows students to select different buildings in 'town' to learn about different aspects of the government. President for a day! is an interactive activity that helps students learn about presidential responsibilities and activities. Inside the Voting Booth explains the voting process.

African Artwork 
Great pictures of African artwork, sculptures, etc.

Sao Paolo Mini Travel Guide 
Theme Culture &  Empathy Activity Reading Standard 3 Theme Environment  & Society Activity Travel To... This is Fodors' mini travel guide to Sao Paolo. There is an overview of the city and tourist info. including maps. There are also 3 feature articles: Brazil's Melting Pot, Land of Contrast, and Playing Politics. This is a site packed with information but students will need teacher guidance.
Good basic fact site.  There are pictures, maps, travel tips, and includes Sao Paulo.
All About England 
Theme, Culture & Empathy Activity Reading Theme Places & Regions Activity Maps England- Small print, good maps, concise information.
Links to leaders, government, etc.
Aerial Photographs  
Theme Places and Regions Activity Use of aerial photography Collection of aerial photographs, residential areas,commercial/industrial, farms, and parks.
Special Purpose Maps  
Theme  Empathy, Identity, Change, Culture Activity, Maps This site lets your students generate, use and print special purpose maps, dynamic maps that include physical, political & cultural, climate and weather.