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Grade 2 Science

Great Escape Fire Drill Challenge
Students are challenged to escape from a virtual fire in an apartment,  house or school. 

This activity has students explore living and non-living parts of 3 ecosystems and discover how the parts interact. 

All About Plants   
This award winning site covers germination, non-flowering plants and seeds.  The site contains a glossary, activities, and links to other related sites.  Students roll play as detectives as they work through each case they are presented.

Life Cycle-Mealworm    
This page has information on the life cycle of the mealworm. 

Starchild NASA site    
Students must use Internet Explorer web browser to hear audio links. This excellent site from NASA covers the solar system as well as the sun, moon, meteoroids, planets, asteroid belt and comets.  The site uses audio as well print to introduce the topics.  There is a glossary and grade appropriate activities included. 

Solar System  
Discover our Solar System-  This site explores the solar system and each short page (3) includes a two question quiz.

Seasonal Changes  
Standard 4- PS
What causes the Earth's seasonal changes?

How do the forces of erosion change the world in which we live?  Students can investigate the facts, observe and record, and report their findings. This site contains a teacher's guide, a list of supplemental materials and links to general science sites.

Static Electricity    
This page contains an explanation of the basics of Static Electricity.  This page contains a three question quiz on page content.

More Info on Static Electricity  
This page about Static Electricity has information and projects too.


Water Cycle  
The age appropriate site explains the Water Cycle.  Go to the bottom of the page to find 5 Water Cycle activity  pages for your students.

Earth's Interior    
This site covers the Earth's Interior.  It covers the structure and composition of  our planet.

Staying Healthy   
This extensive site has health information for children.  Staying Healthy, Growing up, Dealing with Feelings and much more.

Healthy Teeth   
This web page is an oral health education database built upon the science of oral health. It features animated graphics, easy to understand text, simple classroom experimentsand more.