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Grade 2-3 Math

IXL Math

Arcade + Academics = Fun Learning!
Engage and motivate students with multiplayer educational games. Play the games for free, and with Arcademics Plus you can track student performance, tailor game content, and analyze problems

Hidden Picture Math
Students reveal a hidden picture by finding the correct problem that adds up to the sum.

 Decomposing Numbers
Practice the skill of decomposing numbers with the fun and addictive game - Math Limbo! 
 KAKOOMA:  Math Fluency (Addition and Multiplication)
Your child will be hooked on the math puzzle, Kakooma.  This fun and engaging game calls for children to use multiplication and addition skills to solve each challenging puzzle.  Complete each puzzle before the sun sets!  Directions how to play.
 Funny Numbers
This game supports children solving two digit by two digit addition problems.  Children will need to regroup numbers in order to arrive at the correct answer.
Time for Time
This site contains a teaching clock that can be used for whole class instruction as well as an interactive learning clock for student practice.  In addition, the site has time telling games, quizzes and a printable clock for student use. 
Pizza Fractions
How many pieces of pizza are left?  Simple Fractions practice.
Measure it! 
Students practice measuring with on-line rulers.  They can use centimeter or inch tools to practice easy, medium, hard, and super brain measuring problems.

This math multiplication program is fashioned after the television program 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire'.  Students earn virtual money by answering multiplication problems correctly.


Math Mayhem
The goal is for students to answer as many math problems in a row as they can in this timed multiplayer math drill.  An announcer will encourage children as they work.   Students can choose to practice Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication of Division.