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Art Museums
The California African American Museum has collections of art related to the African Diaspora, traditional African art, and contemporary exhibitions. Go to ‘collections’ to access images.
The site of the Louvre Museum in Paris. Particularly useful for ancient Greek, Roman, and Eygptian artifacts. You can download and print color images, or save an online collection to use in class.

The British Museum has terrific ancient art collections, particularly from Ancient Egypt. The Young Explorers section offers simulations for children, as well.
The site of the NYC Metropolitan Museum of art. Create your own archive, print historical information, and color print or save a file of images. Fantastic for images of the American West especially, and for American modernism/industrialism.
The site of the Art Institute of Chicago. Go to ‘collections’ and you can build your own collection to share with students – either online or you can print it. Search by theme or by artist or by collection, such as ‘African-American Artists.’
The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco offers tremendous online collections through 6000 years of history and gives you access to the major traditions and culture. It is invitational for students as well, with youtube and twitter onscreen.
The Japan Society of New York not only offers historical exhibitions, it also traces these antecedents in contemporary graphic novels and pop culture. Access exhibitions and educator resources.
The Museo de Barrio is dedicated to Carribean, Latino, and Latin American Art. Access images, and also explanations of the important role of these artists.