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Clear Stream Avenue Kindergarteners Celebrate Eid

Teachers and staff at Clear Stream Avenue Elementary School dressed in traditional Islamic clothing for Eid al-Fitr thumbnail216878
Kindergarten aide Rabia Maqbool drew henna art on students' hands.  thumbnail216879
Alia Iftekar crafted henna-inspired picture frames.  thumbnail216880
In Kristen Zerbo’s kindergarten class, students listened to “Nadia’s Hands” by Karen English.  thumbnail216881
Principal John Singleton performed a traditional Muslim dance for students.  thumbnail216882
Kindergarten students at Clear Stream Avenue Elementary School in the Valley Stream District 30 marked Eid with a big celebration and an exploration of the cultural traditions associated with the Islamic holiday.

Many Clear Stream families recognize Ramadan and Eid, and the celebration helped teach many students about the important holiday. Ramadan, the holiest month of the year in Islamic culture, was marked with a presentation by kindergarten aide Rabia Maqbool. Students learned of the significance of Ramadan and practices associated with it, including prayer and fasting.

At the end of Ramadan, kindergarteners joined a big celebration of Eid al-Fitr. Ms. Maqbool painted various designs of henna on students’ hands as students also decorated a frame with henna-inspired designs. The frames were used to take photos of students’ hands with henna art.

Kindergarteners also listened to the book “Nadia’s Hands” by Karen English about a Pakistani girl who is chosen to be the flower girl for her aunt’s wedding. Teachers dressed in traditional Islamic clothing and Principal John Singleton performed an authentic celebratory dance.

Date Added: 5/9/2022