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Clear Stream Avenue School Celebrates Its Diverse Culture

Courtney FitzPatricks first grade class completed a study of Henna, a temporary body art that has been crafted on hair and fingernails for more than 1000 years in Middle Eastern cultures thumbnail215782
Jencarlos Molina, Stephanie Parra, Salma Hassan, Sophia Perez, Maria Gul and Jahari Bennett in Yasmin Lopez's sixth grade class created the logo for the Multicultural Night presentation thumbnail215783
Students in Sandra Aragona's pre-k class made a mural celebrating all the cultures represented in their class thumbnail215784
Clear Stream Avenue Elementary School in the Valley Stream District 30 held its third annual Multicultural Night through a virtual presentation. This year’s event was also in celebration of Women's History Month.

Students in grades pre-k through 6 created murals, presentations, slideshows, puppet shows, and videos to highlight the achievements of women and show pride in their diverse cultural heritages. It was a celebratory night and the students’ work, which was created at home with their families, was on full display. Classes also worked together to make murals that represent their heritage and now decorate Clear Stream’s halls.

Date Added: 4/14/22