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Showing Spooktacular Pride

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Administrators, students and staff throughout the district got into the Halloween spirit as they dressed in their best costumes on Oct. 31. Clear Stream Avenue School, Forest Road School and Shaw Avenue School conducted their own costume parades and sing-alongs during the school day to celebrate the fun holiday. 

Family members were invited to watch as central administrators, including Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nicholas Stirling, attended each school to cheer on the students and staff. Fully embracing the district’s 2018-19 theme, You and MEdia, Dr. Stirling dressed as Media Man, complete with CD-ROM’s and a keyboard as an accessory. Building administrators and staff also joined the media bandwagon as many dressed as social media platforms, media trends and “social” butterflies. 

Achievements Abound During BOE Meeting

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The community gathered in the Shaw Avenue Elementary School library for the district’s board of education meeting on Oct. 29. Schools and staff members were honored by the board and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nicholas Stirling for their recent achievements. 

Clear Stream Avenue School was commended for recently winning the Waldinger Cup at the Henry Waldinger Memorial Library, while Forest Road School was commended for earning second place. The awards resulted in the success of students participating in the library’s summer reading program. The library awards first place to the school with the highest number of readers and the highest average number of “reads” during the course of the summer. 

In addition, school psychologist Dr. Francyne Zeltser was honored during the meeting for receiving the New York Association School Psychologists Chapter O School Psychologist of the Year Award. Dr. Zeltser has served the district since 2012 and currently works with students, staff and families at Forest Road School and Shaw Avenue School. On behalf of the board, Dr. Stirling congratulated Dr. Zeltser and thanked her for her service to the district. 

“She has been involved in an array of activities that support students social and emotional wellbeing,” he said. “She has provided support to our special needs students, has been a resource to our faculty and parents and has supervised a variety of psychology interns.” 

Before concluding the meeting, the board also appointed a new deputy district clerk, Janet Carson. Carson currently serves as the secretary to the superintendent. The district is confident that she will also be an asset to the board of education. 

Singing Praises for the Board of Education

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Members of Valley Stream District 30’s Board of Education were commended during the district’s annual Board Appreciation Night on Oct. 29. Hosted by Clear Stream Avenue School, the school’s building administration, students, staff and PTA shared a tribute to Digital Citizenship as part of their board appreciation presentation. The evening coincided with District 30’s theme of the year, You and MEdia.

Clear Stream Avenue Assistant Principal Yannie Chon welcomed the board, central administration, families and community members to the special event which followed with a TFS (The Friendly Schools) Talk, inspired by TED Talks. Fifth-graders Christopher Brockington, Alanna Bolden, Lillian Petrone and Dylan Robinson showcased their impressive public speaking skills as they shared their school experiences, the important concepts they have learned and thanked the board of education for their support. Principal John Singleton also thanked the board of education while asking audience members to reflect on what Valley Stream District 30 means to them. Using the digital program Poll Everywhere, audience members texted one word that they believed described the district. Words such as caring, encouraging, great, innovative, progressive and wonderful popped up on the projection screen in the front of the room.  

“These words describe our staff members, our custodians, our secretaries, our teacher assistants, our administrators and most of all, they describe our board of education,” said Singleton. 

Students throughout the district participated in a similar activity which was filmed into a video for the board describing what “The Friendly Schools” means to them. Clear Stream Avenue School also created a video which featured interviews with students talking about the board of education and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nicholas Stirling’s role in the district. They concluded the video with classes thanking the board for the educational resources used every day for learning. 

Led by music teacher Stephanie Cooke, Clear Stream’s third-grade chorus showed their gratitude towards the board by performing, “Thank You,” while holding digital/social media icons. Singleton, Chon and PTA president Erica Petrone presented gifts to each board member before Dr. Stirling expressed his own appreciation for the exceptional work that the board does on a daily basis.

“We are the Friendly Schools because our board cares,” said Dr. Stirling.  

Following the presentation, the board and community enjoyed a reception with refreshments and cake provided by the Clear Stream Avenue PTA. 

A Day of Remembrance

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Students and staff at Clear Stream Avenue School gathered around the flag pole in the front of the school building on Sept. 12 to commemorate Patriot Day, a day of remembrance for the lives lost on Sept. 11, 2001. This year, six firefighters dressed in uniform from Clear Stream Avenue Firehouse Engine 4 joined in the ceremony, which the school has made a proud tradition for the past 16 years, starting with former Principal Bob Cohen. 

Lt. Daniel Pastor, former captain Andrew Mihalick and firefighters Fernando Campoverde, Frank Feliciano, Tom McAleer and Richard Sullivan pulled up to the school on their fire engine as students watched. Former captain Mihalick addressed the students and spoke about the historical significance of Patriot Day and the sacrifice that so many endured. 

“On that day, no one could have ever believed that the worst of humanity would bring out the best of humanity,” he said. 

Principal John Singleton echoed his sentiments as he focused in on the word “indivisible,” found in the Pledge of Allegiance, during his remarks. 

“The word indivisible means you cannot divide us,” he said. “On 9/11, Americans from all different backgrounds and religions came together united as one. Now, more than ever, we as a community need to be united as Americans and honor the memories of those who were lost on that day.”

With the guidance of music teacher Stephanie Cooke, members of the sixth grade chorus performed “God Bless America” during the ceremony which followed by Mr. Singleton leading the entire school in the Pledge of Allegiance. Students proudly faced the flag with their hands over their hearts, reflecting on the ceremony. As they returned to their classrooms, teachers commented that it was the best commemoration ceremony to date. They were touched by the words of Captain Mihalick and the students were happy to see the firefighters in attendance.

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