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May 160, 2018

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Dear Valley Stream District 30 Families and School Community:

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your ongoing support and commitment in maintaining an educational program that strives to meet the needs of every student in the District is unwavering.  The result of this week’s budget vote continues to support the vision of “Excellence through Equity” as we continue to move the educational agenda forward. 

Congratulations to Ingrid Wyllie-Dacon, who will begin her five-year term on the Board of Education in July.  Her service and leadership is very much appreciated, and I wish her well as she continues to advocate for the students in the Valley Stream 30 School District.

A special thank you is also extended to our staff and students who participated in the Science Fair and the Fine and Performing Arts Show this week.  Their work was outstanding!  Our budget will continue to support the integration of the Arts.

Congratulations to Jeanee Gonzalez, 1st grade teacher, who was granted tenure at our Board of Education meeting this week.  She is a wonderful addition to the Shaw Avenue staff, and we look forward to the many contributions she will make on behalf of our students. A second congratulation is also extended to Nancy Blankshine, 5th grade teacher at Forest Road, who was acknowledged by the Board of Education and the administration for her service to the District and excellence in teaching. 

The process for hiring teaching and administrative positions is currently taking place.  Our goal is to have the hiring process completed by the end of June.  The time volunteered by our staff and parents in conducting the interviews is greatly appreciated. 

Schools will be closed on Monday, May 28th, in recognition of Memorial Day.  We invite everyone to attend the annual Memorial Day Parade in Valley Stream. 


Nicholas A. Stirling, Ph.D.

Superintendent of Schools