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Summer Programs

The Valley Stream 30 UFSD offers two programs for students to continue to learn over the summer months.

Special Education Summer School: A six week program designed to meet the continuing needs of students with Learning Disabilities.  Students work with teachers and teacher aides in language based activities.  This program is for students with 12 month programs and is designed to meet  IEP goals.  

Summer Reading Program:This 5 week program is designed to offer daily reading support for students that are below grade level in reading at the end of the school year.  The program features small group sizes and specific targeted instruction in reading skills.  The program has expanded to include book club groups which meet twice a week.  English as a Second Language students are offered additional instruction in acquiring English language skills.  The program also includes incoming Kindergarten students that benefit from a summer pre-school setting that prepares them for success as they enter Kindergarten.  

Please refer to your child's school web page for the Summer Learning Matters letter for their grade based assignment: